Making of A Masterpiece



A self-absorbed director, an dysfunctional film crew, and an exasperated actor take you behind the scenes of their upcoming film. This mockumentary-style short film was produced as part of Capital University’s 48-Hour Film Festival where it earned First Place.

Made as part of a small team, I directed and acted in this short film. My thanks to Trey McDeane, Gabby Muetzel, and Quinton Woodmansee for their work on the project.

1st Place

Award Winner

Making of A Masterpiece earned first place from a panel of judges. 18 total submissions were recieved.

Making of A Masterpiece

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Tools Used:
• Nikon D3200
• Adobe Premiere
• Pro Tools
Skills Used:
• Directing
• Scriptwriting
• Acting
• Audio Post-Production